Adding / Modifying a Skrill (earlier Moneybookers) Credit Card Gateway

Integrating the Skrill (earlier Moneybookers) Credit Card Gateway with our system is a breeze. You do not have to write any code. You simply have to fill in a form specifying your preferences and Account details.

Before you Start

You will need to know your Skrill Email Address (the one you use to enter while logging into your Skrill Merchant Account), before you can add this Payment Gateway option in your Reseller Account.

Adding the Skrill Credit Card Gateway into your Reseller Account

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Settings -> Finance & Billing -> Payment Gateway and click List / Add.

  3. Click the Add a Gateway link.

  4. Click the Add a Skrill (earlier Moneybookers) Payment Gateway link.

  5. Enter the following details and save your changes by clicking the Submit button:

    • Gateway Name: This Gateway Name would be shown to your Customers / Sub-Resellers, when they are about to make Payment. You can use something like Credit Card Payment or Visa/Master Card, etc..

    • Enter Your User (Skrill Email Address): This is the email address that you enter while logging into your Skrill Account.

    • Currency: Select the Currency in which you want to charge your Customers / Sub-Resellers. Your Merchant Account needs to support the Currency that is selected.

    • Currency Exchange Rate: If the Currency you selected in the previous option varies from your Selling Currency, we will have to convert the Invoice value to the Skrill Currency, before we send your Customer / Sub-Reseller's details to Skrill. For this purpose, the system needs an exchange rate between the two.

      You may choose to maintain this exchange rate yourselves or let us maintain it for you. We download FOREX rates on a daily basis from a recognized source and update exchange rates for you. If, however, you wish to update the rates yourselves then you may do so by selecting the I would like to Maintain the currency exchange rate myself. checkbox AND entering your own conversion rates.

    • Select the types of CREDIT CARDS that your merchant account supports: You need to select the types of Credit Card that are supported by your Bank. The credit card types available are - Visa, Master and Amex. You can also decide the sequence in which you want your Customers / Sub-Resellers to view these Card types on the payment page.

    • Payment Gateway Access Level for Customers / Sub-Resellers: Select appropriate Access Levels for your Customers / Sub-Resellers.

    • Credit a Customer / Sub-Reseller with the Net Amount in an Add Funds transaction.: Skrill deducts a fee on a per transaction basis. There are two types of Transactions that can pass through your Skrill integration - Invoice/Debit Note Payment and Add Funds.

      In case of an Add Funds Transaction, you have the option of crediting your Customers / Sub-Resellers with the Net amount that Skrill credits you with, or choose to credit them with the Gross funds and bear the charges yourselves. The Net amount is calculated by subtracting the Total Variable fee charged per transaction from the Transaction Amount.

    • Total Variable fee charged per transaction for your merchant account: Enter the total variable fee that is charged per transaction in the given textbox. This information is primarily used to calculate the Net amount that your merchant account is credited with, if you choose to credit your Customer / Sub-Reseller with the Net amount in an Add Funds transaction. Your bank and/or your gateway may be charging you a different amount of variable fee per transaction for different credit card types, e.g., a certain variable fee per transaction for Visa cards and a different variable fee for American Express cards. In case, the amount of variable fee is different per credit card type, then enter the highest amount of variable fees charged per transaction to your account, e.g., if the total variable fee for Visa Cards is 2.50% per transaction and the total variable fee for American Express cards is 3.00% per transaction, then enter 3.00 in the textbox. If there is no variable fee charged per transaction then enter 0.


      If you have selected to credit a Customer / Sub-Reseller with the Net amount in an Add Funds transaction, then you must submit a Variable Transaction fee (greater than 0).

    • Send me a Reminder if a transaction is pending for more than x days: In case you have not yet accepted a payment sent to you via the Skrill Payment Gateway, you can get e-mail reminders sent to you daily after x number of days from the payment date, until you either Approve or Decline these payments.

    • Display Position: If you plan on adding multiple Gateways, you can select the position in which you wish to display this Gateway on your Payment Page.


The SuperSite contains information about the various Payment options you offer to your Customers and also presents these options at the time of purchasing Products and Services. This data is downloaded to your SuperSite from your Control Panel and cached (stored) on the SuperSite Server. The cache of your SuperSite will be reloaded automatically, once you have completed the above process. This way, the updated details will be downloaded to your SuperSite from your Control Panel.

Additional Information